Sunday, May 24, 2009

Titles are the hardest part to write.

Another weekend, more time spent down by the seawall. The place is getting busier as the weather gets warmer and Louise is just loving all the extra people she runs into on a daily basis.

Okay, not really. She gets quite aloof at times and bored with it all. The novelty has clearly worn off and she would often just rather get on with her walk but she 'tolerates' her fans and they sometimes win her over. This happened tonight while I was walking with her and someone approached asking if they could pet Louise. At first she didn't want to even look at this person but within about 4 or 5 minutes Louise was all affectionate and enjoying the attention from her fan.

We can't possibly stop and talk to everyone who approaches and as I have griped before, I generally don't indulge the ones who scream movie titles or mimic her breathing. But I'm not griping now, we had a good walk tonight. Louise was energetic and wanted to run so it was good that we were in an off-leash area. She enjoyed her run and I appreciated the fresh air and the chance to stretch my legs out a bit after a morning ride.

As I mentioned before though, it's getting warmer and that means that Louise's endurance is already fading. Hot weather is like kryptonite to this little pug. Even now, about half an hour after our evening walk, Louise is flaked out on her bed in the living room after laying on several spots on the floor first (the floor is colder.) It won't be long before we need to bring water with us during the walk. Still, she really enjoys this time and doesn't hesitate to go out when the sun is shining.

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Sandy said...

You know, I don't remember it being so humid hot out there when I was growing up. As usual,Louise is georgeous--just call each installment Louise Redux :-)