Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Skateboarding in the office?

As usual today was a work day for Louise. For the first time in a while, it was also raining on the way in, which makes it a little trickier for me as I have to steer a stroller, take the dog on a leash and hold the umbrella all at once.

I am not the most coordinated individual, so it's tougher than it might sound. Especially when Louise starts to bark at traffic.

Not that I can really complain. Louise was pretty good on our walk in. I had the stroller zipped up for a change in an effort to minimize the rain that would get in on her, but really, it is only a mesh covering for about half of it, so it only did so much.

Once in the office, we got settled into our routine of me working and Louise napping or visiting other employees. Eventually we had a rather long meeting that she felt the need to attend but that only lasted for about the first half, at which point she had to go for a stretch. She didn't go far though, as I saw her checking out the receptionist's desk to see if she had any spare broccoli stalks. (In Louise's defense, our receptionist DOES bring broccoli in on Tuesdays because she knows Louise will be in.)

As usual, Greg was in and at one point he brought in an old Tony Hawk skateboard from the late eighties. It didn't take long before we had Louise on the board (it took a couple treats to get her to cooperate) taking a few blurry photos. Turning on the flash helped, but made the room look darker than it was.

The last picture is of Louise on my lap, which is a spot she spent a lot of time in today. We discovered that she has another wart on her paw, this time on the other side and luckily, higher up so she isn't walking on it. But it clearly bothers her as she has started to lick her paw quite a bit and it was inflamed today. The wart is basically in between her toes so I am not sure if it causes her discomfort or not. We will probably get her into the vet this week - the new, reasonably priced vet, not the one that does flowery casts. We haven't talked to the vet yet though, so I'm not going to get ahead of myself.


Punchbugpug said...

Love the pics! Pug warts...gah...what next???

hriley@hotmail.co.uk said...

Your picture with the skateboard reminded me of this incomplete dare on bragster.com


Haha you should totally do something like that - make your dog even more famous! It has star potential!!

Keep up the good work with the blog - I always check back regularly!!

Would be great if you could respond!!


iTripped said...

We always respond! Actually I think we were pretty close to Louise's limit on the skateboard. She would stay on it so long as it wasn't moving, but felt very unsure once the wheels started to turn.