Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ain't a vet in town that can keep this dog down

Louise is out of the hospital and on the path to recovery. I have to say, this is the most decorative cast I have ever seen, for humans or animals. Also note, the bandana is something the vet thought they would put on her. I'm not sold on the colour, but Louise doesn't seem to mind it.

Right now the paw is still frozen, so Louise is in very good spirits. We have a special plastic bag to cover the cast when she goes for a walk, so that we can keep it dry. It has to stay on for at least three days, at which point the vet is going to want to do a re-exam. But as for tonight, the plan is to get her drugged up quickly and just give her the time to heal.

The basic idea was that they operated on the paw and removed the unidentified mass. This involved putting in a couple stitches which will dissolve and also sending the mass off to 'the lab' for further analysis. If all goes well, we will get those results at about the same time they remove the cast.

Also, thanks to Greg for taking these photos of Louise. I misplaced my camera in a friend's car and have yet to retrieve it. Luckily, Greg likes to photograph 'news' as it happens.

So yeah, earlier I was griping. I'm much happier now that I can see she is doing better.


E.O.T.N.U. said...

Get well soon, will be downtown to provide "get well treats" soon
- Uncle Chris!!

Punchbugpug said...

All paws crossed here for a speedy recovery and GOOD diagnosis for Louise!

iTripped said...

Thanks for the well wishes - she is certainly more active today although I can tell when the painkillers wear off

Christine & Giggs said...

That IS a pretty cast :)

Get well soon Louise!