Saturday, March 01, 2008

The cast is off

Still limping
Originally uploaded by iTripped
I think this photo was actually taken before the last operation, but it's pretty close to how Louise looks now. No more cast but still with a slight limp. We heard back from the lab and as it turns out, the mysterious growth on her paw was nothing more than a wart. Since there isn't really a lot of meat on the paw, everytime she walked on it, the pressure made her paw hurt.

The good news is that they got all of the wart, so at this point, it is a simple matter of her paw healing from the cut. She still limps a bit, but not nearly as bad as before - in no time I expect she will be back to car chasing and policing the dog park like before.

Until that time, she just looks like another overly spoiled West End dog, being carried by it's owner instead of walking on her own. At least with the cast, people sort of clued in.

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