Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back at the Vet

Louise is not in the office today. Instead she is at the vet, this time getting her paw operated on. We had to make sure she had no food this morning (she was searching her stroller for stray bits of kibble on the way in).

As can be expected, it is an expensive procedure to remove something from an animal's paw and normally I would be okay with this - if I wasn't already charged a few hundred bucks a couple weeks ago for them to put Louise under AND ONLY POKE AROUND. I mean come on - this feels like double dipping. Even if at the end of the day Louise is running around with no limp (something I am still hopeful we will get to once this operation heals over) we are still going to have a bad taste in our mouth from the excessive vet bills. We had a cat break a thigh bone that required surgery, a pin inserted in the bone, followup surgery to remove the pin, etc. and that bill came to about the same amount of money. Even counting for inflation, something is not adding up.

For the record, I do understand that they were 'being cautious' and trying to avoid surgery if it was possible to reduce the bump with antibiotics. I bought that right up to the point where they put my dog under and didn't just remove the bump the first time. Who anesthetizes an animal, cuts into a mass and decides to leave it there? That seems like a job half done to me, and it's really the basis of my discontent.

Ok, I'm done ranting. I just want my dog back without the limp. Not having to spend my entire life savings to achieve this would be a big plus.

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