Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More pre-firework madness

There were more fireworks tonight as part of the festival, so when I took Louise out on her evening walk, things were already quite busy. Still, she likes the added activity and had fun interacting with the people who wanted to say hi.

I had my camera with me and have to say, I am much happier with how some of these photos turned out than I have been generally. I'm just a little slow learning how to get the best out of this one, I guess.
For example, in this first shot, if you click on it you will even see the light reflecting off Louise's whiskers. I did reduce the contrast a little because there was so much light behind her and I wanted to draw out the detail in her face. I also dimmed the brightness to compensate for the 'washed out' look that less contrast can give.

This next shot was fun. The poor guy wasn't expecting a dog to come investigate his handiwork (he was smashing mussel shells with a rock.) Once Louise determined that there was nothing edible here she was ready to move on. Other than cropping, I didn't have to do much to this photo.

Just before we started to head back we noticed about six mounted police officers taking advantage of the empty street. (Several streets were blocked off from car traffic several hours before and after the fireworks event.) Louise was really interested in the horses - she is familiar with them from our time up in Vernon, so she was not barking and acting crazy.

This last photo is my attempt at a 'chase camera' angle, where the back of her head is in focus while still capturing the subject in the background. I am actually holding the dog in one arm and holding the camera away from me in the other, shooting 'blind' if you will. I guess the older camera was good practice because I like how this one turned out, especially with the sunlight reflecting in front of the officers.

I've talked a lot about the fireworks. If you are interested in seeing photos I took at the show tonight, you can check out my flickr page. You might find the occasional shot of Louise in there too.


Sandy said...

Those are fantastic fireworks! My camera has a special setting for fireworks and I don't think I've ever gotten any that clear.

Love Louise bored at a meeting--I know how she feels!

iTripped said...

The thing about cameras with a fireworks setting is that usually means the shutter is set to stay open a full second or two. In order to get a sharp picture the camera needs to be still. Merely holding it will cause it to move so you would need a tripod, or at least to set it on something that wasn't moving. For these shots I used a two dollar mini tripod from that fits in my pocket when not in use. The camera and tripod then sat on a nearby fence while the show happened and I took the photos from there.

Brutus said...

Beautiful pictures. We've tagged you for the name game. Please come and check it out!