Monday, August 04, 2008

Pride Parade

Today was the Vancouver Pride Parade - Louise and I turned out to show our support. We went down to Denman street, which was on the parade route and it was already lined with a healthy sized crowd an hour before the show. I asked this gentleman to hold Louise while I got a picture for her blog and he was kind enough to oblige. As it turns out, he has a couple dogs of his own so he was pretty good with her.

As usual, she just liked the extra attention.

Later, we wound up back at the church next door, who were also preparing a float for the parade. By this time Louise was getting a little warm and she started to roll around in the grass. She was acting quite silly and was in a rare mood when I got this last photo, which I thought turned out quite nicely.

I must admit that I tweaked the colors and contrast on this photo a fair bit, deepening the shadows and warming the colour tone a bit. But I got lucky that the camera focused where it did and I like how it turned out.

Oh yeah, and happy Pride for those of you who celebrate it. We're glad to have you in our neighborhood.


Sandy said...

I've been to SF several times during the Pride Parade and totally enjoyed both the parade and the positive reaction of the crowd. That last picture of Louise is great-tweaked or not. I have a weakness for pictures of pugs with their tongue out.

Puddleglum said...

Hello! We just had our Pride Parado in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago!

BTW, I nominated you for an award!

The Weeze said...

You gots a grate smiley!

My middle name is Louise, so maybe we're related?


Gracie Lou(ise)

Anonymous said...

Hello! It's Garnet, the fellow in the kilt holding Louise.

She's a sweetheart! I hope to bump into her again in the future while on the seawall or at the beach.

gnr at blue - ryder dot com (spelled out to avoid robots scanning blogs)

iTripped said...

Hey there Garnet! Glad you could find the site based on my vague directions (for the others, I told Garnet to search the Internet for 'Louise' and 'pug'). Louise had a pretty good time that day. Hope you like the picture!