Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tour de Waterfront

Okay, I have a lot of photos today. Saturday morning usually means a nice long walk and today was no exception. We started out going to the farmer's market, met a few familiar dogs there but our goal was to head to the waterfront, so we didn't stay long.

Along the way we stopped to take some photos by some of the water fountains. There are quite a few water features in the downtown area which is just a little odd when you consider how rainy our climate can be. Still, I think they are a nice touch and they offer some soothing noise to compete against the constant backdrop of traffic sounds.

While at the waterfront, it started to rain a bit so Louise and I took some shelter under an awning until it subsided. That's one of the nice things about Vancouver rain - a lot of the time that it is raining, there is no wind. So any overhang makes for a dry spot. Once we got moving again, we noticed a small garden area with some unusual grass. I like how it clumps together and looks like it doesn't need to be mowed.

On our way back it started to rain lightly again, so we took shelter in Bark & Fitz, a local pet store that seems to specialize in gear for dogs. They were thrilled to meet Louise and even more so to discover that she has a blog. Since they also have some great dogs, we might see another blog created soon. After that, we headed home for a bit of a nap for Louise while I assisted with grocery shopping. (My role here is mostly to carry stuff home.)

It's a good thing we started out earlier today because with the spotty weather our afternoon walk had more rain, which is just less fun.


claire54013 said...

The pictures look great! Louise is so photogenic and attentive. I am in the process of creating my own blog for the store and my dogs. I look forward to share with you shortly.

Claire said...

Hi Louise's dad,

Finally I finished my blog.
It doesn't only talk about Angel and Tubby. It also talks about all the new hot products at Bark and Fitz.