Saturday, May 01, 2010

Excitements over a Lamb bone

We have a crazy dog. Here I was, spending my day on the sofa instead of at the office because of a strained back. We decided to order a nice lamb dinner, which Louise and I went to pick up at a local restaurant. We make it back, but I can feel that I over exerted things a bit but I was lucky because I hadn't hurt myself - yet.

Of course, in Louise's world, everything was great. We were coming back with tasty meat and she was looking forward to it. She was right to do so too, as we had every intention of giving her a lamb bone. Normally she settles down on her bed and chews it up but tonight she decided for a more 'unique' pose.

This was something we both found to be quite funny so I snapped a couple quick photos from where I was on the sofa, before Louise thought to change position. It was all over in a few minutes but it was fun for us while it lasted.

As for today, I've been even more bed-ridden and Louise has not been interested in going outside any more than she has to. It worked out okay though as Holly went out to run some errands and I settled into the bed with the three animals. The only time I was outside was when I helped Holly bring in the groceries (by holding the door open, not actually carrying anything). Then it was back on the sofa with my animal nurses tending me in the only way they know how: sleeping on me.

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Sandy said...

As a fellow back sufferer--I totally understand your pain. I hope the animal therapy will help you out. Nothing better than cute little pug butts!!