Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nikita's last day at the office

Okay, so this is the first photo I bothered to take of Louise's paw since her accident last weekend. You can see it if you look closely but I don't really plan on getting any gruesome closeup photos. She's healing fine and isn't bothered by it anymore and really, that's all I could hope for. This photo is of course also a great view of Louise's command center, otherwise known as the passenger's seat for her stroller. As we were going into work today she was extra enthused to go for the ride, unlike most days when she would prefer to be out walking.

It was important to come into the office today, because it would also be Nikita's last day at the office as her owner was one of the workers who were laid off recently. Little Louise will be holding down the fort until Shiho returns later this summer. Things are so different from when I first started bringing Louise in to work, having to make arrangements in a very busy dog schedule.

For lunch we decided to take the two dogs for a walk over toward the Telus Center of Science. On the way there we decided to cut through the parking lot for the Olympic Village. Technically it wasn't yet open for the public but they were working on the fence so we found an easy way in. Of course, once we got in the dogs could come off their leashes and well, Nikita took off like a bullet. Holy cow that dog likes to run. Louise didn't even pretend to give chase, she just kind of looked at Nikita like 'hmm, that looks like a good idea, but nah, I'll hang back.'

I am sure that we will stay in touch going forward - after all, Louise has stayed at Nikita's house while we were away before - but at the same time it's sad knowing that this part of office life is winding down to a close.


Sandy said...

I'm sorry for Nikita (and even more for her owner!)--one of the times that I am grateful to be retired! But even more for Louise because she obviously enjoys the company. I love the expression and stance in the last picture.

Sandy said...

Oh, I just really looked at the first picture. Wow such luxury not only transportation but her own private meal service ;-)

Bonny said...

May I ask where did you get Louise's stroller from and what brand it is? My frenchie just had his surgery done and I want to find a sturdy stroller to take him on walks just like Louise.

She's one adorable puglet. I know how it feels to see your baby's toe nail fall off. My pug had this happened to him too. Hope she feels better.