Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh Noes! Not the Toes!

I suppose the good news is that Louise has been feeling better the past couple days - Momma's cooking helped to bring her back to health.

While we were out for a walk today Louise had an accident and accidentally ripped off one of her toenails on her back paw. She damaged a couple nails on the other rear paw too, but not quite as seriously as the one on her left.

She was bleeding quite a lot but didn't yelp at all - in fact she was able to continue our walk without limping, but I was getting more and more freaked out as we returned to the house. By the time we got back I had already called Holly to talk about it and had concluded that we needed to visit Dr. Sandhu.

These first two photos were taken after the doctor had dressed her paw and gave Louise a shot of pain medicine. He decided that covering the paw for a couple days was probably best, until it scabbed over naturally. At the time we were joking about how none of the previous bandages stayed on her paw very long. We figured that a couple days was about all we could hope for with this one.

As usual they were very professional and took the best care of Louise, taking every step to keep her as comfortable as possible. While Louise wasn't thrilled to have someone pulling at her paws today, but she put up with it. As I said, the first two pictures today were taken after the hard part was done - she was already back to her normal happy self.

Before heading home we ran a quick errand and then stopped for a snack. That's where the other two photos were taken, and I got them after a family with three little girls came over asking to pet Louise.

Oh, and hey! Did anybody notice the award Louise got for her blog? We weren't expecting that one at all. Thanks for the recognition, Dogster.


Sandy said...

Poor Louise (and you) I hope her toes heal quickly. I did see the Dogster icon on the site--good for both of you! Louise is adorable but she needs your help to blog :-)

Winston (smilingpug) said...

Ouch! She is a trooper! Love the blue bandage!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

The bandage looks cute on her small paw. We hope she heals soon!

theshinyblueone said...

I hope she heals soon and Congratulations on the award :-)

pugfreak said...

I hope you have a quick recovery Louise. Congrats on the Blogger Award!!!