Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime fun in the sun

I took these photos last Sunday when it was nice and sunny. Louise and I went for a nice walk out to English Bay, where we hung out on park benches, got chased by toddlers and sniffed toes at the feet of giant statues. Really.

In other words, we had a pretty good time enjoying the nice weather. Since then, our little dog has been feeling a little under the weather again with an upset stomach. Holly has started cooking up her special broth with rice to help settle Louise's tummy so hopefully that helps, or it will mean a trip to the vet. Not that we mind visiting Dr. Sandhu, but really, if we don't have to waste his time we won't.

Even with her upset stomach, Louise has still been in a great mood, eager to go for walks and spunky while out and about. So we know she is at least not feeling terrible or suffering much nausea. Even so, we will leave her home tomorrow and not bring her into the office.

The worst part by far though is the moderate fasting that she is doing for now, just to put things right again. Tomorrow should be a good day when the eating starts again.

Other than that, things have been pretty crazy around here as I settle in with this new computer. As if that wasn't enough, we bought a hard drive for Holly's computer. While the installation went smoothly enough, getting the software installed, well that's still going on now and has been a bit of a bumpy road. Luckily, she kept her cool and helped me figure out what to do next so things seem to be progressing.

But that has very little to do with Louise, other than we are inadvertently keeping her up as we do this. I just needed some more things to say in order to fit in all these pictures, including the last one here of Louise next to the feet of the statue. I've photographed these statues before, when they first went up. They are still just as creepy now as they were then, but the people seem to like it. Louise seemed ambivalent toward them this time.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

We hope she feels better soon! We love seeing new pictures of her smiling face.

Sandy said...