Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekend work day

We had a scheduled release which meant that Wheezie and I were at the office today. I noticed that the Saturday crowd on the Skytrain tends to be more chatty with me about the dog, even though I was really trying to hide in my headphones most of the time. Still, Louise was friendly and photogenic, turning to 'smile' for folks as they took her photo.

Of course, at the office whenever there wasn't any food around she looked more like this photo. She's sleeping in my old chair - I won't sit in it anymore because I think it was part of my problem with my back - it encouraged a poor posture. Now I sit in one of the simpler chairs that has me in a more upright position.

Not that Louise cared much about that - she was happy to visit with Tommy and Travis and was pretty tired by the time we got home. All in all, a good day for her.


Sandy said...

Hey, food, suitably attentive people and a good place to nap--what more could she want!!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

She is so cute sleeping, our Tuni sleeps just like that until food surfaces too :)