Saturday, March 20, 2010

Office Updates

Louise and I find ourselves in the office this fine Saturday with a spare bit of time between server updates. I've fed the troops and we are in the home stretch to updating our software so I can take a couple minutes out to update this dog blog.

We all know it's overdue.

Louise has maintained the usual routine of coming into work with me, chewing on some good bones, getting some long walks and being lazy whenever possible. So really, not much has changed there and I think we are all pretty happy about that.

The first photo features Louise and Sasha, who was also in the office last week. They like to give each other their space, so it took a little coaxing to get both dogs to sit close enough together to let me take a photo. There were a few out takes as well, but we won't bother with those.

This last photo was taken just this morning, on our way into the office. Louise was out running around and stopped short to look at something. Sometimes I have to be fast with the camera so I have no idea what she was looking at. But at least I got the shot I was hoping for.

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