Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunny Saturday Morning walk

Louise and I headed out for our morning walk last Saturday and made the most of the nice spring weather we are having. We went to English Bay to wander along the seawall for a bit before heading back home for breakfast. The sun was out, there was a cool breeze and it was warm enough to no longer need gloves. In short, it was another nice Saturday morning.

Louise was feeling a little needy this morning since the day before we spent the bulk of our time in Seattle - without Louise. Giving her a nice long walk at a slow pace was just what the doggie ordered and everyone was happy. Buying some dog treats in the US didn't hurt any either. As you can see, the tide was out when we were walking, and we were able to see lots of the sea birds foraging for food. I won't list them off but will say that for any birders reading this, Vancouver has a pretty good selection.

One of the other things we happened to notice was that the city had planted a new crop of decorative flowers. This happens with some regularity and it is always nice when it happens. I have no idea what the city works budget is, but whoever is in control makes sure that we get lots of great looking flowers throughout the year. I do my best to make sure that Louise doesn't dig them up.

Once again, as I write this I have a dog in my lap. We joke that she likes to maintain editorial control, but really we all know that she is just making sure she can sleep while knowing that I haven't left the building. For my part, I just like having a dog in my lap while I'm on the computer. It helps keep the cats away.


iTripped said...

In case it isn't immediately obvious, the last line was influenced by Louise's 'editorial control'. She is in constant competition with the cats for attention from both me and my wife.

Sandy said...

Well, she IS a pug--they expect to always be the center of your attention ;-).

Those flowers are really pretty, we are finally beginning to have some crocuses and daffadills (sp?) popping up.