Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vancouver Olympic Pug

It is rare for me to put up two photos that were taken at the same time but in this case I got a kick out of both shots. Louise and I were out for our walk and headed down Robson street to see what was going on. We were not there long before we happened to come up on one of the Olympic torch bearers! Things were very hectic as literally hundreds of people were lining up to take their picture with this woman.

She was so patient with everybody. Maybe because her parents were there watching, who knows? I am kidding of course - she was having a good time. Louise and I waited for a break in the action and I picked her up. Another woman was excited to meet Louise and then offered to take our picture for us. I figured that was a good idea and here are the photos. I like how in the first one Louise is still not quite sure what the heck this torch thing is, and then she moves on to trying to see who the heck is standing behind her in the second photo.

Louise and I were just about to fade out into the crowd when the father of the torchbearer (I really should have asked her name - if anyone can provide it in the comments I will be grateful) asked if we could pose for another photo. He had grown bored of taking pictures of all the people but a dog, that was something new and interesting to him.

After all that we headed downstairs briefly to see the ice rink below the street. It was very crowded thanks to a busker performing so we headed back up and back home - but had to stop to get a photo of Louise on a snowboard. She hopped right up on it like it was made for her and a crowd of people started taking her picture.

All this, and the Olympics haven't even started yet.


Sandy said...

I love Louise!!! Are we going to see her in competition? I am going to have to print out those first pictures for my Olympics watching.

agent99 said...

Love it Louise! We hope you can be our Pug-lympic correspondent and keep us up-to-date on all things Olympic from a pugs-eye-view!

Gen & the Foo!

Shari said...

this is my first experience with louise, but I think i may be in love... rock on, heavy breather!

iTripped said...

Heh. Glad you all enjoy the posts so far. We have certainly got the hype going here so look for more stuff as the games kick off.

pugfreak said...

What a great photo opportunity! You guys look good!