Friday, February 12, 2010

Torch run madness!

We got up early today in order to see the Governator carry our torch. Of course, we only saw him on TV because I slept in a little too late. But our plan was to go to a slightly different spot where there would be free pancakes, so we already knew that we would miss Arnie by about twenty minutes.

The pancakes were... less than satisfying. They had aluminum shavings on them somehow. I guess the cooking surface was aluminum and it was rubbing off on them. Some folks didn't seem to mind or notice but we did and thought it was gross.

Somebody asked me to report on the Olympics from a pug's point of view and well here it is: all horses and asses. For more on that, check this out. The horses booby trapped the running path for the torch bearer.

So that was our early morning excitement. Then it was off to work, but it was VERY crowded trying to get to the sky train because the torch runners were still out, running along the streets we needed to cross. It took us twice as long to get to work but it was fun and you could sense the excitement so I didn't mind at all.

The plan was for Louise to come to work with me today because the torch route eventually went right past our office. In typical work fashion we held an Olympic torch party, complete with a wii-sports competition. At the scheduled time we all headed downstairs to line the street and cheer on the torch bearer. Those photos haven't been looked at yet, so I'm sure I will have material for more posts soon. For now you will have to settle for this spectacular shot of Louise kicking it up in front of McDonald's after peeing on their sign post. How's that for athletic spirit?


Sequoia & Petunia said...

We like the post pee McDonalds picture. Enjoy the festivities.

Sandy said...

Shavings in the pancakes--ugh!! The opening ceremonies were great (even with the little glitch at the end). I also appreciated Louise's kick out by the McDonalds sign.

Sandy said...

Congrats to Canada for the Gold medal!! Now maybe your athletes can escape from the media and have some fun!