Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still without a view of the torch

Louise has been participating in the Olympic Celebrations around town too! It's not just a people event. This first shot was taken when the Olympic torch ran past the office, which I documented briefly over here. Even without that though, Louise and I have been seeing a lot of the sights just simply by getting out for our nightly walks.

To her credit, she is the main reason that I was out all those nights taking pictures of the Vectorial Vancouver light display. That reminds me, I should revisit that again sometime this week if for no other reason than we haven't been there in a while.

The next shot was taken on Valentine's day - this is Louise eagerly checking out the fantastic plate of oysters we had. While she didn't get any oysters she did manage to get a couple scraps of lobster meat. But really it was a day for the cats to celebrate, as Valentine's day was Sophie's tenth birthday. We gave them some tuna but of course posting photos of cats on this blog would be bad form.

So moving right along, finally back to more Olympic talk. Louise, Holly and I were out walking the other night and went down to Coal Harbour in an effort to see the Olympic Torch. It is still a tricky shot to get, what with the fencing and all. Along the way we discovered this Olympic sign and Louise obliged by sitting in front of it. And really, that's all I can ask of her, isn't it?

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Sandy said...

I understand that they have done something to make the flame more visible. I like the shot of Louise in front of the sign--nice sign!