Monday, February 22, 2010

Harry and Louise

Louise isn't the only dog in the city who is enjoying the Olympics. This little guy is Harry, and he lives in our building. We see him out and about quite often. I don't know about Harry, but for Louise the Olympics have been both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there are lots of interesting things to do and see when out on her walks, but on the other hand, we are often out to places where dogs cannot go.

She still gets to go to the office with me though. Actually things have become a little more flexible at work since two of the dog owners at the office are off on maternity leave. Yes, it has been said that there must be something in our water at the office. It works well for us though, so that's all right.

The other day Louise was in the office with me and during our lunch break we walked over to Sochi house. Holy crap the lineups to get in that place are daunting! We have friends who waited for over two hours to get in. Obviously Louise and I weren't able to do that over a lunch break so instead we headed over to check out the crew dismantling the stage where Steven Colbert performed. Louise was more interested in the mud in front of the stage. To her credit, the show was already over so there really wasn't much else to see.

We still get out to see things like the light displays, huge crowds and other Olympic related art displays, but most of them are the ones I have already posted about. I guess we have to plan some dog-friendly activities soon!


Sandy said...

Even if wasn't lunchtime,I can't think of a place I would stand in line for over 20 minutes!!! If Louise would like to see Colbert :-) his performances have been on his website (him I might stand in line to see :-).

I hope Louise didn't get too muddy?

I would be getting a little tired of the Olympics by now if I lived there--but your ice dancing team were out of this world!!

Elaine said...

Love the up close pic of you and Louise. Third up from bottom Could be twins he he I forgot how to chat w you thru the day. Maybe you could remind me or refresh my memory. I could have a computer glitch you know. A really beautiful week here weather wise. Miss my family out west, want you to come home.