Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free hat from the Globe and Mail

Today was a 'work day' for Louise and we had a few adventures too. First off, Sasha was also in but really there is nothing odd about that. These two dogs get along just fine. They both like sleeping. One of the newspapers is having a contest where they give away free tickets to Olympic games. I won't bother giving the details on how to win because well, tomorrow is the last day anyway. But if you are interested you can follow this link and I'm sure they can set you up.

The general idea is that you have to be one of the first to a mystery location to win the tickets. Louise and I headed out and walked through some of the Olympic Village to get there. Along the way we passed a part of the seawall where a guy was stacking rocks. Well, look at the first two pictures to get an idea of what I am talking about. If you look closely you will see that he has done this about a thousand times along this section of shore.

In order to qualify for the free tickets, you also have to bring a copy of today's paper. Well that was easy to do - our office gets the paper delivered. However, Wheezie and I arrived at the secret spot about ten minutes after the last tickets were gone. So sad. We did get a consolation prize though, a free toque.

Yes, I went and took pictures of my dog wearing the hat.

Don't expect it to be on her regularly though. By the time I got a couple quick snaps Louise was already starting to pant from overheating. I guess she vents a lot of heat through her head.

Anyway, that was today's adventure. Oh and if you are curious, the secret location for today was the gates at Chinatown. I really should have taken photos of that. Maybe next time.


Malissa said...

Who knew Louise could be so "street"! Love that little pug, she has the most expressive face. Good thing my pug can't read cause he would be so jealous of all the adventures she has! Keep up the wonderful posts.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

She looks so cute in the hat!

Kati2010 said...

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pugsx4 said...

I have got a pug named Jellybean that looks so much like Louise that it freaks me out everytime I visit your blog. How old is she? Beanie is 12 1/2. I need to send you some pictures!