Saturday, February 06, 2010

Catch that plane!

On this morning's walk, Louise helped me out with some early Valentine's day shopping. Once we had that done we were free to go explore the town to see what new things the Olympics have brought us.

One thing we are starting to see is a lot more people. It's good, I love hearing the different languages being spoken on the street. We do seem to find fans of Louise from just about anywhere though.

I think we set some kind of a record today with how many people asked if they could take Louise's picture. The record has to be for how many people ask, because I can't really keep track of the ones who just take a photo of her without asking (which is also ok, we don't mind).

Eventually we ended up down at the waterfront only to find another section of the seawall that is closed off to the public. This caused a minor detour that had us come out near the sea planes. This would normally not be a problem but about five minutes later I heard the engines roar as one of the planes prepared to take off. This got Louise barking at the plane, much to the delight of the people nearby. Once the plane took off Louise was pretty quick to calm back down.

Which is good, because then we encountered a toddler out walking with her parents. She was fascinated with Louise and even said 'nice doggy'. Louise stayed long enough to pose for a few pictures and then we were on our way.

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