Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stella Artois is a pug, not a beer

Daily walk report: today Louise and I met another pug, this one a mere three years old but still fine looking for such a young pup. His name was Artois, short for Stella Artois, the beer.

Dogs named after beer seems to be a popular trend in these parts.

As the story goes, the man walking Artois (or Arty, as he was calling him) had decided to give a pug to his wife for Christmas. At first she wanted a female dog and was set on naming it 'Stella.' At the time they went to the breeder, little Arty was all that was left. The breeder suggested the name Artois to be in keeping with their original intentions. The name stuck, the dog came home and the rest, as they say, is history.

The pup was a touch active for Louise's tastes. After just a few minutes she acted out a bit with a quick snarl but they didn't seem to mind. Arty was still very much interested in Louise, who was then trying to regain her composure. Soon after parting we encountered a few tourists who asked if they could take Louise's picture. The attention from strangers was all it took to but Louise back in a good mood again.


Sandy said...

What a diva :-)

iTripped said...

She has her moments, to be sure. But the other 95% of the time makes up for it.