Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Snow makes for a nice walk

It certainly doesn't feel like the Olympics are upon us. It's too warm for that, but the city certainly is changing. There is a lot of preparation and construction involved. I had Louise into the office a few times last week and one of the most direct things that we noticed is that we no longer have to deal with cars for the last half of our commute, since that street has been blocked off.

It makes bringing Louise into the office so much nicer. I wonder if we could persuade them to keep it that way?

Probably not. But that is ok, it will be fun while it lasts and once the Olympics are over the seawall should be open again. That will be yet another cause to celebrate as that was always our favorite lunch time walk for days at the office.

This weekend was a quiet one for Louise and I think she liked it that way. I had a headache on Saturday night and went to bed quite early - Louise was only too happy to join me. Any excuse to go to bed early for that one.

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