Saturday, January 09, 2010

Not feeling well after a walk in the rain

Okay, the title is a bit misleading. We did have a walk in the rain this morning, but Louise was feeling pretty good before, during and after that outing. It was pretty wet, but at least it wasn't too cold for her. She was dressed appropriately though, and had a good time.

This evening however, she got a bit of an upset tummy and got sick on a blanket. She didn't really have a lot of rich food or anything unusual so we aren't quite sure what set her off. She has been sleeping a lot today, so perhaps it is something that has been bugging her (no pun intended) for a little while.

For this evening we are letting her set the pace, and so far, her decision has been to sleep it off. If all goes well, she will be right in the morning and if not, we will probably make an impromptu stop to our local vet.

I expect she will pull through just fine.


Sandy said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for Louise.

David said...

She's fine, we were out for two walks so far today and she's back on her usual schedule.

pugfreak said...

Glad to hear she is well.