Friday, March 13, 2009

Staffing Changes

Trips to the office are not going to be the same anymore. Yesterday was the last day for the people who were laid off, some of whom were very fond of Louise. I'm not quite sure how she will react when she realizes they aren't there.

If I find myself working late, I hear from my wife how Louise mopes around the house, waits by the door, etc. until I come back home. The same generally applies when I am home if my wife is out overnight. Louise doesn't like losing track of her people, it seems. So this Tuesday when I bring her back into the office she will discover that Uncle Greg, Viearn, Jo, Bill and Andy are all missing. I half expect her to wander around the office for a while looking for them, and then to mope a bit as she puts it together.

Luckily we still have a lot of other great people in the office and I am sure she will start interacting with them more. But it will be an adjustment. I wonder if the other dogs will react the same?


Sandy said...

Oh, I am so sorry, for the staff that was laid off, you for having to deal with it and of course Louise. If I weren't on the teetering edge of retirement I'd be facing paycuts and furloughs here.

iTripped said...

'the teetering edge of retirement'. What a nice place to be. Oddly, a high school friend of mine just 'retired' from the military after putting in twenty years of service. I guess that isn't so odd - I am just not used to having peers with pensions yet!

Sandy said...

If your friend is like my dad he will be looking for another job or some activity before long. :-) We needed the money and he would have gone nuts!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your fellow employees! I'll miss seeing pictures of Louise and Greg at work--they were always quite amusing.... I doubt Greg will be able to find another job with an office pug!