Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The green eyes of jealousy

Okay, I admit that I am not sure wether it was envy or jealousy that had green eyes associated with it, but today we had another dog in the office and Louise wanted desperately to meet her. The other dog, Kayley, is much younger and at first wasn't too sure of her surroundings so Louise had to wait.

And wait.

And watch other people come over and play with Kayley, and not with her.

I had to move my filing cabinet to the other side of my chair so Louise could keep a closer eye on the pup. It wasn't until almost 4:00 pm that the little dog took an interest in Louise. What a happy moment that was. Almost no barking as the two were able to interact without interruption. With such an age gap between the dogs there wasn't really much of a power struggle so they just fell into their respective roles and got along.

For a while, at least. After about half an hour, Louise was surprised to find Kayley trying to sniff her, and she was not amused. A short staring match and quick snarl later found Kayley back in her owner's lap and Louise at his feet. I had to be a little stern with Louise to get her to give them some space but all was well. Heck, her tail was wagging the whole time, so she clearly wasn't that upset. It just happened to all go down next to Tommy's desk and well, he's not the most comfortable around dogs so hearing one growl unnerved him a bit.

Five minutes later and it was all but forgotten. Louise was back asleep on her perch and Kayley was on to other things. Just another day at the office for these working dogs.

Oh yeah - happy Saint Patrick's day!

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