Saturday, March 21, 2009

The sun is back, baby!

I got to get Louise out for a walk after my morning ride today, and it was quite nice - not yet warm, but at least sunny. We ran into all sorts of interesting characters on our journey down to the waterfront (one of our favorite destinations) and also stopped along the way to let my legs rest up a bit.

Louise didn't mind though, she would just hop up on my lap and then proceed to get silly, rubbing her face into my knee, etc. This of course attracted a small crowd of children and their parents at times.

We were also at the dog park earlier and we met up with this fantastic looking bulldog named Tony. Louise thought he was alright, but when he started to snort she figured that was the signal to start barking. So she did. We didn't stay long at the dog park though - we never do. But it was nice to see they put down some fresh gravel for the new spring season. At least it won't get so muddy like last year.

And yes, the person in the background of the third photo is wearing a bumble-bee coloured sweatshirt. I had to do a double take. I didn't actually notice this person until after I took this photo - I was focused on keeping the dog in the frame and somehow was late in snapping the photo. Finally, we end with a shot of Louise running along the water.

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Sandy said...

I have to admit that I noticed the bumblebee right away--the University of Iowa colors are black and gold. So we here in Iowa City see lots of bumblebees on the street and at games and in the background of our pictures. ;-) Louise looks so good and happy--hope your practice for the run is going well also.