Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am not sure who is feeling more tired - me or Louise. Well, it's probably me because right now I'm still awake, while she is snoring away on Holly's lap. I have been giving Louise shorter walks lately because I have been feeling tired from the biking I'm doing (as always, you can donate to my ride here.) So today after my ride (and a gentle reminder from my wife) Louise and I set out for a longer walk.

Oh, and as an update, Louise has been doing very well with her recovery. No limping, no side effects, no problems. Basically, she is back to a normal, healthy pug who gets lots of attention for her 'gray hair' and friendly smile. Unless there are moving cars around, which means she would be getting attention for being 'feisty' or 'small, but mighty'. Basically, no matter what she does, the people around here like seeing her as we walk.

So if this second photo looks a little strange to you, it's because Louise has decided to 'shake' her coat off, which she seems to put a lot of effort into. There is quite a bit of excess skin around her neck so when she does shake, this skin moves around a lot - that's what you see on her right behind her head - her neck skin. Usually, she shakes so much that her hind legs lose their footing a little.

And yes, this last shot is how you can officially tell when a pug is having a good time. Rolling around on the grass at my feet was the highlight of the walk for Louise.

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Sandy said...

You have another picture that I love of Lousie on her back getting a belly rub ;-). The shake photo is great!