Sunday, March 01, 2009

Getting the legs walked off of ya

Louise and I have been extending our walks lately in part because she is back to walking normal but also because I've decided to participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. This charity ride will have me bike from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA. I have a lot of donations to raise, and a lot of training and preparation to do for the ride.

No, Louise will not be tagging along in a trailer.

If you are interested in following my progress in this endeavour, feel free to follow the above link to my Rider page - they let me have a 'mini-blog' to document my progress. It even has a depressing thermometer progress meter that reads 0% of my donation goal has been met.

But back to Louise. She had a pretty busy day today, what with a walk to the local pet store for some food and another long walk this morning down along the water. This has left her pretty tuckered out now, so she has been finding the warmest lap to cuddle into. Couch laps are warmer than computer chair laps, so she isn't interested in sleeping on me at the moment.

This last photo in today's post is one I found entertaining because of the look on her face. She was in the middle of either yawning or barking, I cannot remember which. Still, it looks like one of those photos that is begging for a caption - feel free to insert one if you like.


Sandy said...

Can you donate on your page that is linked? As a cancer survivor myself (and since I adore Louise!) I'd be happy to donate to your ride.

iTripped said...

Why YES! Here, I'll make it easy. Follow this link and you will see a big yellow button that says Sponsor. I'm so happy to hear that you have survived cancer - you have been one of Louise's most loyal fans.

iTripped said...

Thanks for your donation Sandy! That was very generous of you.