Friday, February 27, 2009

Infrared Wheezie!

The other day Greg was messing around with one of his older Nikon digital cameras and he made it super awesome! He modified it to shoot in INFRARED. Of course, this meant he also needed a special infrared flashlight (not the easiest thing to find, but to the rescue there!) Okay okay, I'll cut to the chase - Greg took a few IR photos of Louise, which is what you see here.

The weird thing about using that camera-flashlight combo is that it looks like everything is broken. The light is not really visible to the naked eye as the normal spectrum of light 'hides' it. From Louise's perspective that was fine by her. She barely noticed. But then, she was kind of sleepy at the time.

He took photos of a lot of people in the office, including me. Most were either silly, creepy or just plain weird. We wanted to do this with Louise specifically because of how the eyes look with this type of lens filtering - since Louise's eyes have scars on parts I was hoping for greater visibility on those areas. As you can see, it comes through somewhat, but not as clear as when we use a flash. Oh yeah, the varying degrees of redness is just because I was desaturating the colour manually so it wasn't quite the same each time. Think of it as similar to nightvision goggles but with a red tint instead of green.

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