Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunny weekend stroll on the Seawall

Yes, I was going for some alliteration in the title. Did you spot it?

Saturday was a great spring day here in Vancouver. The temperatures are warming up and we had lots of sunshine to boot. That means taking Louise on a walk is easy because there is less cleanup involved afterward. In turn, that generally means she gets out for longer and more frequent walks.

This usually tends to catch us once the rain starts again, and our dog is accustomed to lengthy strolls. But that's okay, all this exercise is keeping her fit and young at heart.

One thing about these warmer spring days is that at least in my neighborhood, it seems that EVERYBODY wants to go for a walk on the seawall. There doesn't have to be an event going on for crowds to gather. I'm surprised that I haven't seen any street performers take advantage of this yet. I guess it's still a little early.

The weather is supposed to turn wet this week and we did have some showers on Sunday. I guess it was too much to ask for this temperate rain forest of a city to stay dry throughout the spring. We will take our rain and enjoy our walks though. At least it is warming up nicely.

For the record, Louise appears to be completely healed. She has no limp, her paw may have a scar to show for her troubles and the one paw pad is now half pink, but otherwise she seems to have forgotten all about it. Unless you count the licking - she still likes to lick her paws a lot, especially when settling down to sleep. We aren't sure what this is from but usually with a little suggestion from us we can get her to stop.

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Sandy said...

Love the picture with her on the walkway--she looks like she is ready to move on ;-)