Monday, February 02, 2009

Minor Setback with Infection

Louise woke up limping today. Seems we were a little too excited about her healing. Today was when we were scheduled to have the stitches taken out, so it was good that we were already going to see the vet.

Once again I was able to book the Smart Fourtwo from the car coop (it's a fun little car, even if it does shift really slow). I had to practically hold Louise's paw the entire trip to prevent her from licking at it.

On arrival at the vet, they immediately noticed that she was once again favouring her paw and wanted to investigate right away. Just as suspected, the paw was infected and was starting to swell and get irritated. They cleaned the wound, removed the stitches and then bandaged her paw again. A shot of antibiotics and we were on our way again with strict instructions to bring her back if the bandage fell off. We have to keep her paw clean at least until it has healed completely.

Tomorrow Louise will be in the office. A little thing like a paw infection isn't good enough for her to take a sick day I guess.

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Sandy said...

Poor Louise. We will keep the good vibes coming. It does look like she is keeping her strength up by chewing :-)