Friday, January 30, 2009

You can fix anything with Duct Tape

There have been two more visits to the vet since last post. One scheduled and one unscheduled. The first one, alluded to in the last post, was basically to redress the bandage as it keeps coming off during Louise's walks outdoors. The second one was a planned checkup with the doctor. That happened today, and the doctor was pleased with what he saw.

Incidentally, he also reads this blog. When I brought Louise in with her paw wrapped in duct tape he noted that someone had commented here about doing that very thing.

Today is also the first day Louise has not been given any pain medicine, and by all indications she no longer needs it. Louise is able to walk with almost no limp now. In fact, the biggest barrier we had was with the bandages and just keeping them on. Since our last visit we no longer require a bandage but we do need to keep her paw clean - so I have crafted a duct tape 'bootie' that she will wear when we take her out for walks. It has less bulk than the bandage which means it doesn't slide off as easily. Also, it can be removed when she is indoors as Louise hasn't really been trying to lick the paw.

This is because we warned her that she would have to wear one of those plastic cones if she did.

I do have one photo of Louise's stitches for those who care to take a look at such things. I've linked it only in case there are those who would really rather not see it. If you fall into category B, I recommend that you do not click here.

So the current plan is to bring Louise back in on Monday to have the stitches removed. From there we should be back to normal, although to look at her in the office today, she seems to already be there.

Oh, and thanks for the suggestions about the rubber booties and duct tape. I had already decided on the tape before seeing the comments and was griping because I felt there had to be a market for booties for dogs. I laughed when I saw the comments. Guess we are all on the same page.

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Sandy said...

Red Green would be so proud!! Even he never came up with duct tape booties :-)