Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Weekly Report from the office - Feb 3

Louise had a pretty good day into the office yesterday. The weather was nice and we were able to get out briefly at lunch time, which she seemed to enjoy. Of course, I carried her part of the way just to keep her off her paw. She was more interested in exploring parts of the Sea Wall anyhow. I think she likes watching the other people who come there to walk.

Louise normally doesn't spend a lot of time playing with chew toys. However on this day she did find a toy belonging to another office dog and somehow it was interesting. She wrestled and played with it every time we made it 'quack' which was noted to be odd since the toy was in the shape of a sheep. It's harder to get good pictures of her in this situation since she is moving and the lighting isn't as good. Still, I think you get the idea with this shot I took.

Her paw is still infected, we can tell because she is still limping and favouring it noticeably. I haven't been taking her out for long walks like usual because of the doctor's orders and Louise is starting to feel the lack of exercise. Her energy levels are a little down. Maybe that's a side effect of the antibiotics in her system though. At any rate, she had a physically easy day at the office as I kept her in the stroller instead of letting her walk, among other restrictions. Still we found her napping the evening away when she discovered that we had moved her pet bed to a new (more popular) location. All three of our pets have voted in favour of having the pet bed next to my computer desk so I'm not sure if it was just novelty or if she was tired. Either way, we will probably bring her back to the vet for a quick exam soon just to make sure the infection is healing as it should and not getting any worse.

At least the bandage has stayed on for longer than a day now.

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