Sunday, February 08, 2009

A little faster every day

The last couple walks Louise and I took have been longer than what has been usual as of late. We are almost back to our marathon hour long adventures. She of course is in favour of this idea as to be honest, giving her short walks means she is restless in the house.

That means we are in favour of it too. Especially the cats, who would much prefer to have her sleep away her time indoors as much as possible.

The middle shot was taken on our night walk. I don't often get any good shots in the dark as Louise is usually moving too quickly for long exposures. However, she was very interested in this bush and I managed to get a clean snapshot before she started moving again. I try not to think about how many other dogs urinated on these bushes but the thought of washing her face when we got home has crossed my mind now and again.

In addition to venturing out for longer walks, Louise has also picked up the pace. She normally has energy to burn when we start out, as you can see in this last photo. Try not to critique the duct tape on the paw too much - today's attempt was a little sloppier than usual but it did the job and now we are done with it.


Sandy said...

She looks ready to take on the world in that last photo. ;-)

SoapyChica said...

She is adorable-nothing better than a pug blog!