Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Office adventures - toys and serious looks

Louise wasn't supposed to be in the office today. She had switched with Sasha for tomorrow but at the last minute Sasha called in sick so Louise came in after all. It's worked out in her favour even though there were flurries when we left. (I hear that places like Burnaby and parts of Vancouver that are at higher elevations got real snow.)

Most people at the office were happy to see Louise without a bandage for a change. Her paw is basically healed although I have noticed that the skin on the base of her paw pad has started to peel off and is still a little tender. Still, no limping and she hasn't been licking at it. Just not a big fan of anyone messing with the edges right now.

At one point she was on the desk - yes, she decided today that it was better to nap ON the desk instead of on the stool we normally have her on - and Greg decided to make some silly faces while I took a photo or two. He's like that and well, Louise likes him so it's okay.

She's pretty sleepy right now, but I know she's faking. By the time I get done with dinner she is going to want a crazy long walk just like usual again. Here she is 'faking it' with her face on my arm.

Lastly, I got a photo of her with another one of Greg's toys, this one named 'IN CHINA' since that is what is printed on the back. Not 'Made in China' as that probably wouldn't fit.

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Sandy said...

Glad to hear that Louise is progressing. If faking gets her a nice soft place to rest--then go for it!