Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Short paw of the Law

Yesterday was a work day, and Louise was hard at it, ensuring that things were running smoothly at the office. She even wore a Sheriff badge for a while, which gave a little credibility to her investigations.

Let's be clear about one thing: the role Louise took on was much closer to 'Food Police' than any gunslinger from an old Western movie. She was on the hunt for doggie treats.

When she found some, she got a little help from her 'secretary' and called in a report. Then, it was off to do a followup investigation with the prime rib suspect. After gathering as much 'evidence' as possible, Louise started to get bored with the interrogation, but the lap was comfortable so she stayed for a while.

We were supposed to also have a fantastic photo of Louise sitting on Tommy's lap here, but well, he's not all that used to dogs yet so we decided not to push our luck (despite trying to bribe him with a dollar!) Later, Tommy did feed Louise a treat so she knew that he still liked her just the same. I don't know about you other pug owners out there, but ours has an ego the size of Manhattan, so this was a somewhat important step with smoothing over office relations.

To sum up, Louise had another fun and interesting day at the office, which is a great lead-in for today, when 'Santa' and his helper dogs arrive for the kids! Okay, maybe the dogs won't be actually helping - but they will be there for the children to interact with.

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Anonymous said...

You really look offical!
Miss Cuty, Grandma is still looking forward to come and visit.