Monday, December 08, 2008

Salty Dog

Louise and I were walking along the seawall on the weekend and unlike most days, the wind had really picked up. You can see the surf in the first photo - it's twice what it normally would be at that location.

Our route took us along a section of sea wall that was particularly well pounded by the surf. The wet spots on the pavement confirmed that people were getting splashed, but that didn't slow down this pug any. While the spray surprised her some, she kept on walking.

It was a very nice day despite the wind, but perhaps that was just because it was a break from the rain and drizzle. No matter how we looked at it though, this was a good walk. Louise tends to get short changed when the weather is not great, and it was nice to be able to bring her in without her being a muddy mess. Just a little salty.


Sandy said...

Having grown up on the west coast (Seattle) I know the enjoyment of salty walks. Does Louise require a bath or just a drying off?

iTripped said...

Usually just a drying off. It's not like she got completely soaked, as I managed to be in between her and the wave.