Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow is only fun when it's not too cold

What a difference a day makes. Just a few days ago the ground was soft and the grass was still green. We were complaining because of all the rain we were getting. But at least we didn't need scarves, hats and down parkas. So long as I remembered my umbrella, Louise and I could walk for an hour or so with no problems. (At least three times last week I left without the umbrella and had to go back for it.)

But not this week. We woke up early on Saturday morning to do some gift shopping and noted that the local mountains all had a fresh coat of snow. 'Ooh, pretty!' we commented. Later, we were out visiting friends and on the way over we saw the first few flakes of snow. 'It's just flurries' I said. 'It won't stay.'

Near the end of our visit we were entertained by watching the local authorities as they directed traffic away from the slippery hills and away from the accidents that had already happened on said hills. We left early to allow extra time for getting home (coop cars MUST be returned on time, you know.)

By now some of you are probably asking 'what the heck does this all have to do with Louise?' while the rest of you haven't read any of this and are just here for the pug pictures (that's ok too, by the way!) Well we did return the car on time, and once I was in the door, it was also time to take Louise out for a walk. You can see how much accumulation we got in the photos.

Generally speaking, Louise really enjoys playing in the snow. That is, so long as it is not too cold outside. On days colder than about -5 degrees celsius our walks get pretty short, and usually are only so she can go 'do her business' and then quickly return. Luckily this night was a little warmer, so she enjoyed romping about in the few centimeters that did pile up. There is one photo in this set that looks kind of ominous - this was entirely accidental - because I was wearing gloves and holding the camera in one hand, I accidentally had my finger partially cover the flash. Louise was having a good time, honest!

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