Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sea wall on an Autumn Saturday

Once again we had some running around to do on the weekend, so my Saturday morning began with taking Louise for a nice long walk. The kind that would leave her tired for the bulk of the afternoon, so we could get some errands done. The rain had let up so it was the perfect time to get going and I was able to spend about an hour and a half walking little Louise's legs off. Or maybe that's the other way around, sometimes it's hard to tell.

We saw the usual gathering of people and wildlife along our walk, which meant several stops by other dogs who wanted to take a sniff and say hi. No incidents to report this time, Louise was in a good mood and spread her happiness to all the other dogs, including the puppies that normally cause her so much grief. (They just move too darned fast, you see.) But there were plenty of older people relaxing on benches and that more than made up for it. Louise was having a good morning, to be sure.

When the weather is wet, a walk like this generally means that Louise will return to the house pretty wet and maybe a little muddy too. Since she isn't all that big, cleaning her up is pretty easy - assuming I am able to do it BEFORE she hops back on the sofa. Don't worry, nothing like that happened, but we have come close at times. Normally it's because she is excited to be home and see people again. A few quick wipes and she is allowed on the furniture again.

I got a few 'action shots' this walk too. As I said, Louise was in a good mood and in part that meant she was running around enjoying herself quite a bit. There are lots of open green spaces that she can run without too much concern, so long as she doesn't start chasing traffic - but I've complained about that habit too many times before. She was good on this walk, so we will leave it at that.

The other thing we saw was a very large flock of migrating birds. They would fly in for crash landings in the middle of hundreds of birds that were already floating on the surface, and then very soon after dive under, presumably for food. Dozens would dive at a time, and I managed to catch a bunch of them resurfacing afterwards.


Sandy said...

I love pugs in motion!

lady jicky said...

Louise , I am not allowed up on the sofa. Mmmm
Your girlfriend Rosie!