Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

We probably won't dress Louise in a costume for Halloween this year, not because we object to such things, but just because it hasn't been as big a deal for us. I guess the novelty of dressing the dog up has worn off a bit, at least for me. The best I could do was to grab a picture with the flash on, getting the freaky colours in her eyes, which we see here. For the record, her right eye is the one that is closest to her natural colour.

I'm not really sure quite what to expect this Halloween either. We haven't been in our current place long enough to get a feel for how many neighborhood kids to expect, if any. I guess that is one of the things about living in a condo, that there are few, if any visitors on kid-centric holidays like this one. I'm sure we will see the costumes as I take Louise out for her nightly stroll, but then again, by the time we get going it's possible that most of the kids have already returned home for the night. It's just not the same holiday that I remember as a child, I guess.

This next photo I grabbed while out on our walk this evening. One of the local restaurants, Delilah's, has a light that casts the name of the place on the sidewalk in front of it. Louise took pause just long enough to watch the image rotate past her and then gave up on it.

Finally, a photo of Louise as she chased a squirrel into a tree. Normally she doesn't really bother too much with squirrels, but these past couple weeks they have been much more active, what with storing food for the winter and all. This is something Louise has started to pay attention to, so now when a squirrel runs out of the way, she often gives chase. Luckily she also gives up easily, so we don't have to worry too much about her actually catching one (and any associated diseases or fleas).


lady jicky said...

We really do not do halloween here in Australia . the card people try to promote it but it just flops.
I can imagine when we were young , times were innocent and trick and treating was fun . I'd be scared to send a child of mine out these days sadly.
Rosie my pug recue hates costumes on her - she hates a jumper in winter too. I guess her former owners never bothered and as she is 8 - its not on! LOL
We have had her since this Feb and she is now off to the eye specialist at the end of November for very expensive eye surgery on both eyes. I think this is why she was surrendered. Mmm. So - she has had this problem probably since birth. Her eyes get red and sore so I would just check Louise when at the Vet ( you probably have - sorry) Pugs are lovely dogs but.. they are alot of work and expensive . I just wish people would realize this before buying one.
Give Louise a huge lick from Rosie with love!

iTripped said...

We had Louise checked over when we first got her since we were new to taking care of pugs. We assumed there just had to be something wrong with her breathing for it to sound the way it does. Turns out, Louise was just being 'Wheezie'. At the same time we learned about her eyes. She used to have drops, then cream and eventually her eyes started to produce enough tears on their own which was a great recovery - with the exception that her eyes still do have scars on them from before we got her and one is slightly cross-eyed. So she is a little clumsy when looking around now, but otherwise she is fine.

lady jicky said...

I am so happy to hear Louise can make enough tears now!
Our local Vet kept telling me Rosie's eyes were fine but I was not happy I took her off to a animal eye specialist and sure enough there was problems.
Rosie sends her love to Louise and tells her she is listening to the radio to hear who gets to be your new President in a couple of days! LOL

lady jicky said...

Oh dear - Rosie just realized your in Canada!

God save the Queen girlfriend! LOL

Sorry !!!!