Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn leaves at sunset take on the hue of fire

It was early evening when I had Louise out and took these photos. Photographers more experienced than I have often remarked at how great the light is at sunset. I will say this: it changes the colours quite a bit. But you aren't here for that. You just want to hear about how Louise loves to frolic in the leaves (she does) and run along the streets barking at cars (she does that too) and that's ok. Hey, it's what we are here for.

We headed out to English Bay since that is the area of the West End that faces the sunset best and well, it means there is a nice long stretch of the seawall we can walk on that doesn't have cars to distract

At one point I managed to get Louise to hop up on a bench and she was in the right kind of goofy mood to really ham it up. She also discovered that the view from the bench was better than on the ground, as she noticed a few things she had missed before.

We are getting ready to take a trip to Nova Scotia next month. It's an opportunity to see my family but it also means we have to figure out where our pets are going to go. Luckily for us, the people at my office are mostly dog lovers so between a couple of them, I think we have Louise's 'hotel' arrangements mostly looked after. Tomorrow I bring Louise in for the day to test this theory as she hasn't yet met Nikita, the dog who lives at the place she will be staying at. Let's all hope that tomorrow goes VERY well.


Brutus said...

Goodluck tomorrow!

giggsdiggs said...

LOVE the third photo! Such a sassy little thing :)

Sandy said...

She always looks so happy, I'm sure she has her grumpy moments, but I love her grin.

iTripped said...

Should I post some of her grumpy photos?

lady jicky said...

Don't worry Louise, Nikita may be big but pug girls always get their way!