Monday, October 20, 2008

Planes, laps, stools and tables

This weekend brought a break from the rain (It is now Monday and it's raining again.) which meant that Louise and I were able to get out for a few good walks. The first shot was taken down along the beach in front of Denman and Davie streets where Louise perched on an old stump. That joker-like grin is actually her yawning but the picture looks like it needs a suitable caption if you asked me.
Louise is not a marathon runner. She's much more like a sprinter. Often she will run in a burst and then come over to me expecting to be picked up and carried until she catches her breath again. This only works if I'm not feeling lazy or tired, at which point situations like this second photo happen. Once rested, we were out to continue the walk. Another stalling technique is the patented 'gotta scratch, hang on a second' move.

I think these next two shots are actually from a different walk, either the same day or the day following. (I don't really pay attention to the metadata gathered by the camera.) The only reason I think that is because they are taken on the opposite side of the West End, so it is unlikely that we would have been in both places during the same outing. We just don't usually last that long before we return to the house for some food.

In order to get close enough to the planes for more photos, I had to carry Louise across the metal bridge that joins the floating dock to shore. This was because the holes in the grate were too large for her little paws. Once we got on the dock she was able to walk on her own as it was a solid concrete surface. Luckily none of the planes were actually landing or taking off as we were there - Louise already likes to bark at them from a distance, I'm not interested in finding out how she responds up close.

Back at the house, we find Louise once again on my lap, this time after dinner. When we finish eating she likes to 'join us at the table' for a bit. Sometimes, if the remaining food has already been cleared away, she will lay down across my folded knee and rest her chin on the table's edge.


Jennifer said...

Louise looks so cozy being held :) She is lovely, my favourite pug on the web!

lady jicky said...

Your Louise is a sweetie!

Punchbugpug said...

Your photos are always so fun! You should really make a calendar!