Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here comes the rain again

As usual, Louise has been having lots of daily adventures and I have not been keeping up. Recently we wandered over to the local Dairy Queen to get some ice cream and Louise thought she was at the gates to heaven. All those burgers smelled very enticing! She was good though and waited at the front door with me while Holly went inside to place our order.

The weather has been pretty good these past few weeks with not too much rain - that autumn weather where mornings are 'crisp' and cold, but the afternoon still warms up to the point where you don't really need your jacket on some days.

I was especially concerned about having Louise in that week because we have been introducing new dogs at the office, and whenever that happens they have to learn the 'office rules'. Firstly, they discover that while they are usually the only dog on the premises, they can smell LOTS of other dogs in the area. Sometimes a dog feels like marking territory, and that's where the trouble starts. We introduced a new dog last week and it seemed to confuse even some of the regular dogs - there was someone cleaning pee out of the carpet every other day or so. Needless to say, I was on high alert with Louise but I am happy to report that she didn't resort to such things. In fact, it was a pretty normal day for her. Since then, Hiram and some of the other regulars demonstrated that they too were not bothered with the news of more dogs frequenting the office.

The following day was anything but normal. Louise was at home with Sophie and Sassy, when a squirrel climbed into our covered patio. We keep the cat's litter box out there, so the patio door is also usually open wide enough for them to come and go - things got a little crazy when Sophie realized what was going on. Holly managed to get the patio door closed before squirrel and cat could meet but it was close - and the squirrel would freak out anytime anyone got close to the patio. Eventually it figured out how to get back outside and the cats very carefully investigated the entire area. Apparently Louise slept through most of the drama, barely lifting an eyebrow occasionally to see what the fuss was all about.

All this nice weather was destined to end though, and today seems to be the first day of hard rain. The weather forecast calls for lots more of it, so I suppose we should just prepare our umbrellas, or in Louise's case her rain coat and get on with it. This last picture is one I took this evening just before we headed out for our evening stroll.


Sandy said...

Love the rain coat--she won't get lost in the fog! Does she mind wearing it?

iTripped said...

A little bit, yeah. I find she 'shakes' off about every 5 mins or so with it on, but otherwise she doesn't seem to mind. She also minds having to put on the harness, as we only have it on when she goes outside. But that is more to do with her not liking things being pulled over her head, as once it is on she's ok with it. She shakes herself off a bit with any of our harnesses too - we have tried about half a dozen over the years to see if we can get one that she can wear without shaking like she is wet.