Friday, November 07, 2008

At work on a Friday

Louise didn't get to come to work last Tuesday because I had a training course in the morning. So it was a lucky break when Friday opened up on the 'dog schedule'. The informal rule at work is that we try to limit things to one dog per day (there have been exceptions - sometimes it has been fine, at other times, less so).

It has been raining most of the week, so regardless of the day, I was faced with bringing in a wet dog. She didn't do too badly though - at least it was mostly water and she didn't get muddy. I think that is partly because it was 'Vancouver rain' which is to say, heavy drizzle most of the time.
Ever since the time change, I've noticed that I live in darkness. I wake up and it's dark - I travel to work and the sun has not yet risen. By the time I leave at the end of the day, the sun has gone down again. Either that, or due to the rain it never really comes out to begin with. Today was one of those days. Heck, it's been one of those weeks.

But enough of the boring weather talk. Louise was in the office today and was very excited to be able to come along. She ran over to greet Viearn, our secretary (who always has a stash of broccoli stalks for Louise) and was also able to meet the nurse we brought in to administer the flu shot to those who wanted one. Oh, and she also has slowly been winning over more of the staff. Not everyone was excited to meet Louise - snoring loudly in meetings wasn't welcomed by all equally. But today we heard from one of my co-workers that he started warming up to her when he saw Louise come into the office with her cast on. Nothing like a little sympathy to win over new friends.

Not that Louise really has a shortage of friends or fans at the office. We even make a special point to mention the dogs in our interview process to ensure that new hires are comfortable with the idea of canines roaming the office floor. No, I think part of why Louise likes coming to the office each week is due to all the attention she gets from the people working here.


Malissa said...

I love the first photo. It is truly a picture is worth a thousand words moment. She is the most expressive little lady. I love hearing about her adventures.

Sandy said...

I love your comment on the weather. I grew up in Seattle and that is also "Seattle" rain. I always have to explain that I never owned an umbrella (rain hats and hoods on my rain coats) until I moved to Iowa! If I weren't in phased retirement I'd also come and go in the dark--getting off at three helps!

lady jicky said...

Hi Louise,Oooh I do like the sound of your broc stalks - do you like carrots too? Very tasty and slimming .
My owners are off for a few days to Tasmania so I do hope when they come back they haven't got a Tassie Devil with them, my brother Oscar (half pug , half maltese) is enough to put up with!
Send that rain down to me Louise, our dams are a third full and we need it here in Melbourne.
Keep snoring girlfriend,