Saturday, October 04, 2008

Night Time is the Right Time to Party

It's a lazy Saturday for us mostly because the rain has started. Of course, that doesn't slow my wife down much - she just keeps going full steam indoors, doing laundry, sweeping, cooking meals, etc. It's enough to leave a pug exhausted (and husband too).

My job is to occupy a very inquisitive dog while she cooks dinner, so Louise is sitting on my lap while I compose this post.
Needless to say, I have a little more editorial freedom this time since her attention is squarely focused on the kitchen.

These first two shots were taken the other night on our last walk of the night. The first one was me experimenting with the timer on my camera, which is why I'm only partially in the frame. The second one is just a water fountain at one of the condos we were walking by.

I don't usually get a lot of good night shots, mostly because it's a more time consuming process.
Next up is the only shot in this post taken today, when we had a brief break in the rain. Louise and I headed to the seawall and noticed the tide was in.
The water was pretty calm and we saw a lot of ducks and geese.

Finally, something a little silly. Last month we had a sendoff party for one of my coworkers and everybody got a set of marti gras beads (the name of the guy leaving was Martin). When I got home, I slipped them on Louise and took a few pictures. Yes, I have probably had more sober moments in my life.

UPDATE: So I noticed that if I use the new browser, Google Chrome, I get this annoying bug where any photo added after the first one no longer links to the larger version. Thanks to Firefox for allowing me to correct this little problem.


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lady jicky said...

Louise looks great in her party beads . Infact she looks like she is ready to party hard right now in that photo.