Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More office hijinks

On average, I find I take about thirty pictures of Louise for each one that makes it on the blog. That doesn't count the ones I delete straight away, but only includes the ones that I keep on my hard drive. Needless to say, there are often a lot of photos that would be great here, but I never seem to get around to posting - and once some time has passed, I don't come back to.

Part of the reason is that I do try to keep a small measure of consistency with the photos on Louise's blog since well, they should all be about her. But that means her fans miss out on some really different photos, like this one or this one. I took these at the office when Bill came by with a ukulele just for the heck of it and well, Greg was just being normal Greg. While both would be well suited for captions, I didn't use them here because they weren't as sharp as I like.

I can keep linking extra photos like I did here, or would you prefer to see more photos per blog post? The main photos here were taken along the sea wall again, where we normally take our walk on work-days, and where I also take a lot of scenery shots that don't have Louise in them. Tell me what you think and I'll adjust how I post to this blog (or not, if that's what people want.)


lady jicky said...

I really do not mind what you post as long as Ms Louise is in it!
I am new to your blog so I wonder how Ms Louise is healthwise and does she like other dogs etc or just hanging with you ?
Rosie from Australia (pug rescue too. We girls have to stick together! LOL)

Elizabeth said...

I have no problem using the links when I have more time and want to see more photos, but in general my choice would be to have more pictures in the body of the text.

One can never have too many pictures of wee Louise! She's such a photogenic little gal.