Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beach dogs

We decided to take Louise down to the dog beach late this morning so that she could run around before it got too hot, as it was expected to this afternoon. She was pretty laid back as we walked the several blocks to get there, but once we got down to the water, she was able to meet a few other dogs, and that got her excited.

One dog we met was a little Boston Terrier that had a lot of white in her coat. The two dogs ran around and played for a while until Louise noticed some other dogs at the far end of the beach. In typical fashion, she darted off toward them and promptly forgot the little Boston. It wasn't until I was editing the photos later that I noticed that the person who brought the first dog was wearing fairly high heels down by the water. Not only did she not break an ankle, she didn't seem to be having any difficulty either.

Later on the way back, we stopped into the local pet store in part to cool Louise down as she was already starting to heat up in the sun. It was a task of walking from shady spot to shady spot but we made it back in good time. While I said we made our way to the store with the intent of cooling off Louise (they have dog water set out) we ended up buying another harness for her. We have been trying several to find one that doesn't make her feel uncomfortable as she will often pause to shake when she is wearing one. I guess our dog just likes being naked most of the time.

Like last time, I'm ending the post with a quick video of Louise. I'll probably tire of this quickly, or at least only post ones that aren't quite so shaky. I like how she uses a partially submerged rock in this one to get a better view of the larger dogs.


Sandy said...

I LOVE the heels, but I do have to give her full credit for bringing her dog to the water and enjoying him/her self.

The video is too funny. Louise certainly has a self posession that belies her earlier life.

giggsdiggs said...

I think that the Boston in your pictures is actually a Frenchie (French Bulldog).

iTripped said...

You could be right - I didn't ask the dog's owner and I do confuse them when the colours are unusual.