Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Camera, New Photos

Poor Louise. I got a new digital camera today, so she had to endure me taking over a hundred photos as I was trying to get used to it. As a result, I have at least one or two photos I can upload here, and a quick video too. Overall, I like the smaller size of the new camera and it does seem to take a good photo as I start to get used to it.
Louise endured multiple photo shoots and was rewarded for her efforts with treats and lots of praise. She also got to go on a longer walk than usual, so I think the trade off was pretty fair.

One of the things we noticed along our journey was the Celebration of Light barge has been set up already. This is probably the largest fireworks event in Vancouver all year and possibly the only fireworks event in Vancouver that even comes close to comparing to just about any American fireworks display.

On the way home, Louise met a nice lady who was out walking her dog. This lady offered a treat to Louise, so she was immediately promoted to the 'Best People to Meet on a Walk' list. Her dog was used to doing a bunch of tricks for treats, so he was able to shake paws, take a bow, etc. Louise wasn't even going to pretend to do all that, but she did consent to sitting pretty while the lady got the treat ready.


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