Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rain does not make dogs Shine

Rainy walk
Originally uploaded by iTripped
Yesterday was very wet. Normally Vancouver has persistent drizzle, but the rain yesterday was almost movie rain but that did not stop us from going out for a walk. That's when I got these shots. Later, just before bed time, we went out for another walk (that's our normal routine) and once again it started to pour hard.

Louise generally doesn't care about the rain though, it's just weather to her. About the only things that really bother her are excessive heat or excessive cold. In that regard, Vancouver has the perfect climate for her, unlike Vernon, which would often get very uncomfortable for her on both extremes. Be warned, the top photo is actually an animated gif, in the G-Willi style. So if you aren't into that sort of thing, just enjoy the photo as is and don't follow it through to flickr, and especially don't view the large size. You've been warned.

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